aco multiline

ACO SYSTEMS and SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd. Your Partner in Water Management Solutions. Multiline. Polymer Concrete Drain System ...

The new Multiline with a reinforced cast iron frame and a more-robust channel body. ACO. creating the future of drainage. 4. ACO Multiline HD Seal in.

Gardo-2. Post luminaire suitable for outdoor installation fitted for LED 24W 3000K / 4000K. The luminaire consists of a base plate of cast aluminium 240 x ...

ACO DRAIN® Multiline. – drainage channels made of polymer concrete. – new as well as tried and tested Drainlock gratings. Individual in function and design.

ACO DRAIN® Multiline Seal in. In 1972, the Olympic Stadium in Munich became the first building to be drained by an ACO channel made of polymer concrete.

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